jueves, junio 18, 2009

Industrial Training at Nuclear

Wel, ady 6 weeks doing industrial training here..
so many new friends, so much new experiences to tell
but unfortunately not much time left to say 'bout it..

People say pictures may explain anythings much better than words..
thus i feel glad to upload them for u guys..
check it out how my life during this 2 months time is so great!!Hehehe..

time En. Wan blnje mie kari n Anis blnje mkn pasemboor..yummy!!

another picts..:)

g karaoke kt Warta..wehehe..

McD time..:P

in our free time..yeay..hehe

Wehehe, more picts will be uploaded in d next entry..:)

lunes, junio 15, 2009

Di tagged..

Ni memandai je ni amik tag dr Gaga..
anyway thanx Ga..:)

1.nana rosli!
2. hazmira aka mea
3. diba
4. fizi
5. nad
6. atikah salleh
7. silvia prihety
8. ruby mok2
9. po+yaty...gagagaga

how do you know 1?
Which Nana? huhu, jz knoe Nana's Oleo, sorry..

what would you do if you never meet 2?
Mea? huwwaa, x knal Mea, x kecoh la kls Spain tu..tpkse v wat keje lebih..hehe

what would you do if 3 & 4 dated?
hah? i dun knoe both of them! huhu, no comment for it!

would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
haha, of coz not!!

do you think 7 is attractive?
haha, wel my fren say yes..

would you date 8?
she is a girl, rite? haha, of coz not!!

tell me something about 9
ehmm, her name myb Norhayati, haha..

what's 1's favourite past time?
huhu, dun knoe..

what language does 2 speaks?
Manglish!! Haha, confident!!

who is 3 going out with?
Ehmm, no idea..

how old is 4?

when was the last time you talked to 5?
hehe, never maybe..

who is 6's favorite singer?
Search myb..hahah

would you date 7?
hehehe. silvi? would u be my date? gagagga
haha..spe nih?? boleh2..:P

is 8 single?
married..huahaha, kidding!

what's 9's last name?
huhuhuhuhu..dun knoe..:(

martes, junio 09, 2009

1 bulan dah berlalu..

Our industrial training already passed half of its lifetime..hehe..means only half left..
Ehmm, all of us, for sure have been adapted with all this working routine, rite?
Start at 8am and finish at 5pm..
no more nap, no more free time , n no more time to play around oso, except in Weekend!!

Ehmm, have u all feel all of dis routine b4??
Some maybe yes, some maybe no..
But, have u ready to pass dis type of life in the next 3 or 4 year onwards??
Haha, frankly speaking, i'm not ready yet!!
Hehe, maybe coz i still love Uni life so much, n maybe i'm just too young to be in dis condition..(am I?hehe)

However, gonna turn 21 next month..
A stage of life when u've already respected as adult!!
Ehmm, scary, stil feel so little, so unmatured!
But one thing for sure..life still go on..

Wel, juz prepare myself to pass all unpredictable things in the future..
Wish a great luck for all of us!!:)