viernes, agosto 26, 2011

Never Alone


My wishes for you.

p/s: Happy listening :)

jueves, agosto 18, 2011



What century are we in? Okay, it's 21st! And I just had my formspring. Hehe. Feel free to ask :)

Sekian. Terima kasih.

martes, agosto 02, 2011

Still.. hanging on.


Love this song completely, for a reason. :)

Should be posted, 2 days ago. Also for a reason. :)

p/s: Happy 2nd anniversary, feeling :)

lunes, agosto 01, 2011

Thesis to Coursework


Today, August 1st 2011, I've finally made my decision. Soon after I reached my campus, I filled up the form for changing my master program from research to coursework (still in chemistry), ask signs from my supervisor and the chairman of the school and now waiting for the sign from our dean. It maybe takes 1 or 2 days before I can receive my notification letter and officially become a coursework student but still it is a BIG RELIEF!

Have thought about it for a long time, many things to be considered, thinking and thinking again, but then here is the decision I've taken. Thanks to mama, Ayu, Prof Jumat and abg Lan for giving me the courage I've looking for. Hope this is the best for me :)